zondag 13 november 2011

Pictoplasma - The Missing Link


" Pictoplasma is the world’s leading organisation dedicated to contemporary character design
and art in all its many facets and media. By collecting, examining and making comparable
an endless figurative image production, even the slightest shift in recurring motifs becomes
readable – and allows surprising conclusions to underlaying topics and current zeitgeist
And suddenly they seem to be everywhere: white, hairy, friendly creatures, just feature-less
enough to serve as the perfect empty screen for the viewers to project their own narration,
yet exactly the right amount of hairiness, to make you want to get into physical cuddlemode.
We can’t avoid being reminded of all those archetypical Big Foot, Abominable Snowman
and Yeti legends – one of the last mysterious entities without a clear depiction in our culture
of visual overdose and instant google-search gratification."

Designs by Laurens Neerinckx

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